Dear Northern town
Of vertical façade
Of horse era design
Of glowing candle

Dear Northern town
Of cobblestone worn
And Cobbler long gone
Of red brick warmth

Dear Northern town
How you have sheltered
How you have healed
How you have rested

Dear Northern town
I return to you now
Not as your son
As your pilgrim

Original Photo by Shawn Worth

Forrest Island


Emerald, the glen has become
Layer upon layer of green
Between Sycamore and Black Willow
The air, a thick mass of steam
Every corpse of last year’s storm
Has endowed new life in a hurry
Shelf fungi hang parallel to ground
And stick-legged workers scurry
Woodpecker hammers while thrush sings
Snake darts away from the trail
Fox and his prey are both sleeping
While mosquito hunts blood without fail

Original Photo by Shawn Worth

Stone Swallowed

Stone dropped
Water ripples, ripples
Push away
Impact pushes ripples,
Ripples pull away

Stone dropped
Circles grow, grow
Space expands
Repeating wave
Repeat and pull away

Stone dropped
Mirror melted, melted
Push away
Reflections of the sky
Reflections push away

Stone dropped
Picture taken, taken
Image captured
Ripple distorted pictures
Pictures push away

Stone dropped
Stone swallowed, swallowed
Reflections scatter
Scattered images of stone
Stone fades away


With face rested to golden shoulder
Deeply stretched, lungs inhale
Sublimations from satin skin
Under strips of moonlight pale

And moonlit curves of caramel
Render weak a shivered embrace
While maps are traced through curves and fields
Of body warm, of pleasured face

When wrapped and clenched, relief is sighed
A heart is drained of sorrowed past
And swirls of breath and night surrounding
What once was dormant thaws at last

Though slumber fights to swallow prey
For moments more, I keep this day